My Qualifications


As wll as being a fully trained and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist I am also trained and accredited NLP coach and a Personal Development Coach

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy  (dip hyp) accredited by the General Hypnotherapy standards council

Diploma in Nuero Linguistic programing (DNLP) endorsed by the Guild of nuero linguistic programing

Practitioner in Neuro linguistic programming (PNLP) accepted by the ANLP 

General qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP) Accepted by the GHR/GHSC 

Registered with the National Council of Hypnotherapy

Registered at  practitioner level on the General hypnotherapy register (GHRreg)

Registered with the complimentary natural healthcare council.

Certified by the General Hypnotherapy standards council

Registered with the ANLP 

The association of Coaching

Certified weight management specialist

Certified smoking cessation specialist

I have chosen to be registered with the following professional bodies:

The CNHC (complimentary natural healthcare council)           

The National Hypnotherapy council                                          

The profesional standards Authority                                             

 General Hypnotherapy register                                                              

The general Hypnotherapy standards council                        

THe ANLP ( Association of neuro linguisstic programing)         

  The association for Coaching                                               

What does all this mean for you

All the training I have done has been top class which has enabled me to register with the organisations that are recognised as at the top of the field Hypnotherapy, NLP and Personal development Coaching This means that when you come to me you are getting a properly trained experienced & caring profesional who is experienced in modern methods & adheres to strict codes of ethics and conduct and  has all the relevant expertise and experience to help.


Please call on either 07871207570 or 07934125224 

or email

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