Pain Control

Hypnotherapy is very effective in pain control. However before I offer any form of pain relief via hypnosis I want to ensure that all the relevant medical tests and checks have been done.

Pain is the way our body tells us, something is wrong. Only when all the relevant medical checks and tests have been done and there is no further way that a doctor can help will I give pain control therapy.

I would not wish to alleviate pain that was signalling something you need to be aware of.

Therefore I  insist on assurance from the client that all tests and checks have been carried out. Their doctor agrees that hypnotherapy is a suitable therapy to control the pain, and either a doctors note or a disclaimer from the client attesting to this.

However if you have pain that the doctors can do no more for, and you are in discomfort, please either send me a e mail or give me a call. I can help