Nobody in life sets out to become an addict, it very often starts as a way to go to a different place, to get away from things, or to get that incredible rush.

When we can't get enough of that feeling or the escapism we seek, we then want more and more. This can lead to self destructive behaviour endangering our emotional and physical well being.

Once you have that addiction it can be very difficult to let go. You want to relive the experience again & again even though you know its no good for you and you really need to stop.

In the case of some addictions such as substance abuse, alcohol, drugs it also produces physical withdrawal symptoms as well making you feel unwell and down making it even more difficult to quit.

I can help you deal  with breaking the addiction by helping you on a subconscious level see things differently and  giving you the emotional strength to help break the pattern of returning to that same self destructive behaviour.

Every individual is different and has a different reason why they became an addict, so each consultation is developed for that individual and there particular problem.

I believe in making my therapy fit the individuals needs and not making the individual fit my therapy.