The first thing to do is give me a call or send me an e mail, if I am not available because i am with a client or for any other reason, I will give you a call back as soon as I can. The second thing, is for us to have a chat and find out if I think I can help. Once we have established whether I can help, then  we will then book an appointment for you to come and see me. This First telephone consultation is of course free of charge.If you do not want to initially talk over the phone then I can incorporate this initial consultation into the first session.

What will it cost?


Payments can be made by debit / credit card or in cash

Please note .that a £30 charge will be made for sessions cancelled or changed without 24 hours notice

It is impossible to say how many sessions a Therapy will take to be effective, as it  depends so much on the  individual & the issue. However if I was to put an average amount for all different treatments and different types of people across the board  I would say  3 would be an average.

     A session for all types of treatment lasts between 60 & 90 minutes and costs £70 there is a £30 deposit to pay when you book an        appointment.

      The deposit is deducted from the total amount of the session.

​      A skype session and personolised recording costs £70 

         A stop smoking session which  is done in 1 session, and lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours and costs £130

The first thing to do